Let’s Collaborate!

I look forward to working with you in whatever capacity you and your program are looking for. Much of my work is done as week-long collaborations that include conducting, teaching, professional developments, model teaching and co-teaching, as well as curriculum developments. Many of the curriculum design work is over a span of at least one year can range up to four years. Every visit is concluded with a final assessment and plan of how to move forward. And as always, these are just the building blocks – we can work together to build whatever is best for you and your program.

Workshop Options

Below are workshops from which you can choose. Additionally, we can work together to create other personalized sessions. 

Conducting for Festivals

Teaching for Festivals

Classroom Management via Non-Verbal Communication

Classroom Management via Child Psychology

Creating an Environment of Collaboration & Team Teaching

Observation & Feedback of Current Classrooms & Rehearsals

Individualized Support & Training for Teachers

Instrument-Specific Workshops for All Ages

Importance of Repertoire in Building a Program

Building a Wind, Brass, & Percussion Program

Building a Strings Program

Starting a Full Orchestra Through Pre-Orchestra & Paper Instruments

Teaching with a Social Lens & an El Sistema Philosophy

Creating and Implementing an Effective Full Curriculum

Training Lengths

Typical sessions lengths are below.  Everything can be altered to fit your needs.

Individual Skype Session | 1 session – 2.5 hours

Three-day or Four-day Sessions | Approx. 2 sessions per day

Week-Long Session | Approx. 1-2 sessions per day

Full Curriculum | Scope of 1-3 years

Let's Get Started!

Which of these interest you most? Let’s get connected so you can tell me exactly what you’re looking for, and I can help build training sessions that are perfect for you. 

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